Tuesday, May 26, 2009


How to Hang a Spoon on Your Nose

-Hanging a spoon on one's nose requires only a metal teaspoon, a nose, and a little self confidence.

Here's the secret that makes the Cool Mom skill work: Your child needs to huff on the spoon to get it really fogged up. That's the only way it will stick.

First have your child shine up the spoon and his nose with a napkin. Now have him take a deep breath and gently exhale into the curved in side of the spoon. Tell him to really fog it up.
Then with his head held regally and tipped slightly back, he should gently but firmly press the spoon onto his nose.
The tip of the spoon should be near the bridge of his nose. The part where the handle begins should be near the end of his nose.
Have him press firmly on the back of the spoon for about five seconds. Once the spoon sticks, have him stop pressing and slowly remover his hands.
It will take a few trys but you'll get it. The spoon can hang in place for an amazingly long time...as long as ten or fifteen minutes with practice.

This is a great thing to do with the "I'm so bored" crowd. It also works on car trips and makes family dinners more fun. I suggest that you practice first so you can impress the kids. Go ahead...you know you want to.

*excerpted from 101 Secrets A Cool Mom Knows by Sue Ellin and Walter Browder

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